Stainless steel round pipe manifold. Flat-sealing male thread on both sides. Low installation
depth. Connection nipple G ¾" with Eurocone. Pressure tested. The manifold can be adapted
to the individual requirements on-site by using the modular accessories. Supply: Flowmeter with
particularly small pressure loss and shut-off function. Return: Control and shut-off valve with
adaptation M30 × 1,5 (closing point: 11,8 mm). Flow meters with shut off function and scale
0-4 l/min. Heating circuit connection ¾" M with Eurocone. Supply branch on the top.
Ready-to-mount with brackets. EN1264 Compliant.
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Technical Features

SUPPLY (top): Flowmeter 0 - 4 l/min with low pressure drop and shut-off function.
RETURN (bottom): Control and shut-off valve with adaption M30 x 1,5.

 Type  Product Code  Stainless Steel Round Pipe  Distance Between Outlets
 Stainless Manifold 2 Port  2PORT5504
 1" M  50mm
 Stainless Manifold 3 Port  3PORT5504  1" M  50mm
 Stainless Manifold 4 Port  4PORT5504  1" M  50mm
 Stainless Manifold 5 Port  5PORT5504  1" M  50mm
 Stainless Manifold 6 Port  6PORT5504  1" M  50mm
 Stainless Manifold 7 Port  7PORT5504  1" M  50mm
 Stainless Manifold 8 Port  8PORT5504  1" M  50mm
 Stainless Manifold 9 Port  9PORT5504  1" M  50mm
 Stainless Manifold 10 Port  10PORT5504  1" M  50mm
 Stainless Manifold 11 Port  11PORT5504  1" M  50mm
 Stainless Manifold 12 Port  12PORT5504  1" M  50mm

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