Pilot Burners


Various models and styles for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial applications.

Industrial Pilot Assemblies for Natural Gas and LPG.

Part no.

Series 1300 - for use with Flame Rectification Units, includes 2 Probes

Product Code  Size/Style Unit
1300/N Natural Gas each
1300/LPG Liquified Petroleum Gas each

Series 1101 - for use with Tekni 7000 series Thermocouples in arduous conditions

Product Code  Size/Style Unit
1300/N Natural Gas each
1300/LPG Liquid Petroleum Gas each

Series CTB Monogas and Universal Pilot Burners 1,2 & 3 Flame Models

PRODUCT CODES consist of four elements as follows:
First Element- 'CTB/' - i.e. series
Second Element - either 'MV/' (Monogas) or 'U/' (Universal)
Third Element - '1/', '2/' or '3/' - i.e. No. of flames required
Fourth Element - Bracket type 'STD' (Standard) or 'EXT' (Extended).
In addition orders for Monogas Pilots should indicate if pilot is for "/LPG".

Product Code  Size/Style Unit
See above See above each

Standard connection is 6mm comp. But 4mm can be supplied to special order.


Product Code  Size/Style Unit
MG18 CTB Electrode each
MG20 Piezo Ignitor each
MG21 H.T. Cable each
MG22 Flat Connector each
MG25 Ring Connector each