Reduction for insulated T-piece kit

Used where the difference in diameter at a transition is too big. Reductions com- prise an outside casing with interior insulation and a shrink sleeve. The reduction is pressed into the insulated T-piece kit.
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Art. No.
MK2000 MICROFLEX 75/25
 MK2100  MICROFLEX 75-90/32
 MK2060   MICROFLEX 125/25
 MK2200   MICROFLEX 125/32-40
 MK2400  MICROFLEX 125/50-63
 MK2340   MICROFLEX 160/32-40-50
 MK2500   MICROFLEX 160/63-75-90
 MK2600   MICROFLEX 200/75-90-110