Pex - Tee Connection

T-coupling made of brass to make T-connections with PE-X heating tubes. In case of an underground
connection we recommend to use the T-insulation kit with shrink caps or EPDM-caps.

Technical Features
• Max operating pressure: 10 bar
• Max fluid temperature: +95°C
• PEX-a pipes: SDR 7.4
• Supporting pipe material: CW602N
• Clamping ring material: CW602N
Part no.

Art. No.   PE-X dout/s (mm)  Thread (inch)  ø Outer Diameter of Pipe (mm)
MJ13025/35 25/3.5  3x3/4”  25x25x25
MJ13032/44 32/4.4  3x1”  32x32x32
MJ13040/55 40/5.5+32/4.4 2x11/4”+ 1x1”  40x32x40
  MJ1304032/55    40/5.5 3x11/4”  40x40x40
MJ13050/69 50/6.9+40/5.5 2x11/2“+1x11/4”  50x40x50
MJ13063/87 50/6.9 3x11/2”  50x50x50
MJ1306350/87 63/8.7+50/6.9 2x2”+1x11/2”  63x50x63
MJ1305040/69 63/8.7 3x2”  63x63x63
MJ13075/103 75/10.3  3x21/2”  75x75x75
MJ13090/123 90/12.3 3x3” 90x90x90
MJ130110/151 110/15.1  3x4”  110x110x110

Leaflets & data sheet