e-Kit upgrade of an installed ULTRAMIX

The benefits of updating an existing ULTRAMIX® installation

  • A full system: easy to install, use and maintain
  • Quick implementation without dismantling the installation (plug & play)
  • Savings : reduced cost for upgrading the installed ULTRAMIX®
  • Accurate temperature, instant response, guaranteed comfort
  • Automated and controlled disinfection: programmable via the smart control unit
  • Service Continuity: in case of a power failure it maintains with precision the temperature of mixed water and manual adjustment is possible.
  • Traceable data: all data is saved to a micro SD card for subsequent records or interrogation (CSV format).
  • Compatible with Building Technical Management system: can be administered and monitored remotely (Modbus protocol).
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Technical Features

  • e-Cartridge.

  • Electric actuator.

  • Controller - micro SD card included.

  • Gable and probes (mixing valve and return).

part no.
Size № of users Flow range, l/min  
22TX1E37KITV3 3/4" 1-7 3-56
22TX2E37KITV3 3/4" 1-10 3-80
22TX3E37KITV3 1" 1-15 3-120
22TX4E37KITV3 1.1/4" 1-21 5-175
22TX5E37KITV3 1.1/2" 1-32
22TX6E37KITV3 2" 1-50

* As an indication - take into account the number of point of use connected to the same network and simultaneously in use.

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