Pump unit with mixing valve HKM20

Compact pump unit with mixing valve DN 20 for mixed heating circuits (underfloor heating). 3-part patented EPP insulation shell according to EnEV (German Energy Saving Ordinance). Simple wall mounting with only one screw. Concealed cable routing behind insulation. Incl. wall bracket and fastening.

Flow: Multi-function shut-off valve with check valve, thermometer 0-120 °Ccirculation pump 130mm (or without pump), 3-way mixing valve with motor.

Return: Multi-function shut-off valve, thermometer 0-120 °C, return pipe made of stainless steel.

Flow and Return lines are interchangable.

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Technical Features

  • Overall pump length: 130 mm
  • Max. operating pressure: 6 bar
  • Max. operating temperature: +90° C
  • Recommended range of application at DT=20 K, Dp=100 mbar:
    max. 24 kW for Kvs value:4.0,
    max. 48 kW for Kvs value:6.3
  • All connections: 1"M with flat sealings
  • Height without insulation: 293 mm
  • Dimensions with insulation (W x H x D): 240 mm x 310 mm x 217 mm
  •  Type    Kvs  Part no.
    HKM20 Wilo ParaSC 15/6-130
    4,0 10084149
    HKM201) Wilo Yonos PARA 15/6
    4.0 10077145
    HKM20 Grundfos UPM3 A 15-70
    HKM20 without pump 4.0
    HKM20 Wilo ParaSC 15/6-130
    HKM201) Wilo Yonos PARA 15/6
    HKM20 Grundfos UPM3 A 15-70
    6.3 10080077
    HKM20 without pump 6.3 10080076

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