DRV/E Pressure Reducing Valve

Type DRV/E Pressure Reducing Valve. Brass CW602N Body (anti-dezincification alloy). Complete with Swivel Nut. Diaphragm pressure educing valve. Designed to be compact. Can be used for water or compressed air and mounted in any position. WRAS approved for cold water.
Technical Features
  • PN25
  • Adjustable downstream pressure: 1.5 - 6 bar
  • Max. fluid temperature: 30 °C


Part no.
Type Product Code Max. Upstream Pressure  Adjustable Downstream Pressure  Compression  Max. Fluid Temp.
DRV/E  5021152 5 bar 1.5 - 6 bar  15mm  70°C
DRV/E  502120 25 bar 1.5 - 6 bar 

 22mm  70°C